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Client Testimonials

On very short notice, Sarah stepped into our vacant General Counsel position at ACN North America almost seamlessly, and began contributing at a high level on day one, helping us through a difficult transition period. She was able to immediately assess work needs, manage less senior attorneys, and complete administrative functions. She has the ability not only to handle the most sophisticated legal work, but also to manage the legal function in a large corporation diplomatically and as a team leader. She has proven so valuable to ACN that Geis Williams Law continues to be a resource for us thanks to Sarah’s positive attitude and ability to understand and address complex legal, business, and technical issues quickly and efficiently, and the high regard her business clients have for her.

-Colleen R. Jones, ACN, Inc. Executive Vice President, Global General Counsel, and Secretary

Having worked with dozens of attorneys on hundreds of contracts, I can unequivocally endorse Sarah as best in class legal counsel. Whether partnering to negotiate wholesale or agency products/services on the supplier or buy side, she functions as a true business partner understanding short and long term strategic and financial objectives – all while helping the business folks to think through tactical and operational concerns. She’s quick to engage, thorough in understanding a new business, and precise in her writing. As a consultant, she’s effectively ad-hoc general counsel – a project-based asset who you’ll inevitably want to bring on long term.

-Michael Whitt, ACN, Inc. Vice President Business Development, North America

Sarah is the consummate attorney.   She is practical, knowledgeable, intelligent and creative; a leader, team player and one-woman workforce; and always a pleasure to work with.   I heartily recommend Sarah to every businessperson and organization.

Sarah has been a colleague, co-counsel and client.  She has turbocharged every organization and client with whom she has worked.  Sarah brings to every engagement enormous enthusiasm, talent and intelligence, quickly establishing herself as an invaluable asset.   She quickly and efficiently analyzes and understands business and legal issues, and leverages her considerable business and legal acumen to render crisp, clear and concise legal advice.  Her process and product are superb—first rate structuring, drafting, negotiating and deal-making.   

I have personally known and worked with several of Sarah’s clients.   Every client expanded her role, sought ever-increasing amounts of her time and expertise, and considered themselves exceedingly fortunate to be a beneficiary of her sterling talent.   A former client of mine, a successful serial entrepreneur and later Senior Vice President at a public company, hired Sarah as in-house counsel—and soon also named her as Vice President of Operations.   Another client hired Sarah as a sales associate prior to her becoming an attorney.  Within two years she was President.

Sarah has been and, I am confident will continue to be, exceedingly successful and highly sought after throughout her career.

         - Michael S. Allen, Principal, Law Office of Michael S. Allen

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